Surf Lessons

We are always thrilled to get people started in the journey of surfing. If you wanna learn more about our surf school click here,¬†and don’t forget we currently have a free surfboard all day special promotion every Tuesday, for more info on that, click here.

Events Page

We are excited and happy to have added a lot of events. If you wanna find out more about them or see what is happening soon. Visit our events page here.


National Geographic Article

To see National Geographic talk about our sea turtle conservation project is a bit surreal, not to mention to put us first on the list! We are so proud of the work we are doing to help the local sea turtle population and humbled by seeing each and every turtle venture out to sea safely. 5,120 sea turtles this season and counting!

Click here to view the article.

Leon Cathedral

We are loving the love and care they are giving to the Cathedral, a couple of blocks away from our Leon hostel.nicaragua-leon-cathedral-white-roof

Epic Sunset

As if the sunsets weren’t awesome enough, we do think that rainy season brings along the most epic and surreal sunsets.